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St. John's Ealing

Contingency Plans in the event of COVID-19 absence


As of the 2nd September school is fully open to all children. Covid-19 cases continue to be confirmed in the community though so our tiered approach to Home Learning remains in place . 

Take care and stay safe.

 Tier 1: For children absent whilst awaiting a test result 

OR being directed to self-isolate by a medical professional prior to an operation 

Children should complete the weekly Home Learning set for their class in the CGP book(s), read their AR reading book and related quiz, complete Lexia sessions, practise their weekly spellings using their Spelling Frame log on and learn their number bonds, multiplication and division facts using their Numbots and TTRockstars log on.

The year group homework grids will also be available by the end of week 1 and link to your child's current Unit of Learning.

 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 


 Tier 2: Self-isolation of a child or family following official confirmation of a positive result via a PCR test

OR when directed to self isolate by Track and Trace due to close contact with a confirmed case

OR in case of partial bubble closure where teachers are still teaching classes within school

OR longer period of self-isolation required following medical procedure

Learning at home is not the same as learning at school but by using Google Classroom and the learning structures, routines, resources and apps that children are familiar with, most children should be able to learn effectively with PRIDE. Please support your child by talking through their daily timetable, making sure they have everything they need, checking in on them and reviewing their learning at the end of the session.

1. Complete the weekly homework set for their class in the CGP book(s)

2. Read their AR reading book and take the related quiz

3. Complete Lexia sessions

3. Practise weekly spellings using their Spelling Frame 

4. Learn number bonds, multiplication and division facts using their Numbots and TTRockstars 

5. Additional reading books will also be provided within the child’s ZPD range.

 6. Listen to the Whole School Story or use the Virtual Library.


access to the internet and electronic devices

If you as a family do not have enough devices to enable your child to access the internet because of siblings or you working from home then we may be able to provide a device for home use. The device will need to be returned to school following the period of self-isolation.

Where internet access is difficult we will be able to provide CGP books that cover much of the learning that we do in school in different subjects.

You may also be able to access a Government support package if you have a mobile phone account with limited data. We may also be able to support you in increasing your data allowance so that your phone can be used as a hotspot for a device borrowed from school.

 For all areas of the curriculum, previous home learning remains available on the website and can be used for  additional challenge, to consolidate something that is a little tricky or just to enjoy revisiting an area of interest.


Children will follow the same daily Maths lessons that are being taught in school using the White Rose Hub  ‘voiced videos’ - which the children have had experience of in school - and the associated worksheet. The links will be posted on Google classrooms. So they feel confident, we are suggesting that the first session they complete at home repeats the last session they participated in in school.


Question sheets will be provided by school for the weekly unit which can be picked up from school or posted to you on request. 

English - Reading and Writing


A mixture of our own year-group produced English units and Book Study Booklets will be supplemented with appropriate units from Oak Academy and Talk4Writing. Some of these will be online whilst others will use our own in-school produced booklets. Children will be invited to join the class via Google Meets for some sessions.

 Wider Curriculum

Your child will continue with the Unit of Learning (Science, Geography, History, RE) that they began in school and that their Year Group is learning within school.  In most cases this will be through the use of our own planning, materials and resources. in the few cases where these are not appropriate for home learning, we will supplement them with CGP or Oak Academy Units. In these cases, the learning activities might not be the same but the overall learning would be comparable.

 We may also direct children to the home learning provided between 9 - 12 by CBBC where it matches or complements the year group provision or where we know it is something a particular child will enjoy.

 Tier 3: In case of wider closures

Provided the teacher is well, home learning would follow the model used during the January to March Lockdown with daily Google Classroom Meets and similar learning set to that which would have happened in school and which, due to class bubbles, would still be happening within the parallel class. Greater use of Google Classroom will mean teaching, learning, feedback and staying connected should be easier than previous - wifi, broadband and Riddings internet provision allowing!

In cases where the class teacher is ill, the year group partner will be supported to enable them to provide the home learning but there would inevitably be less use of Google Classroom. 


Tier 4: In case of local or national lockdown where school would be closed once again to all pupils other than those of key workers or those who are vulnerable.


The model from Jan-March would again apply with greater use of Google Classrooms and daily Meets with year Group teams working together to ensure learning for those children in school and those at home.