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St. John's Ealing

Support for children with Additional Needs

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Below are some links and resources that may be of use to some of our families - we don't wish to overwhelm you but at the same time we want to offer as much support as we can at a time we recognise as being particularly difficult for families where children have additional needs.



Sensory Processing


Mental Health

Support in general

Amazing Things Happen - What is Autism? Video for children.

Sensory Processing Information

All About ADHD

Children and young people with Anxiety

An easy-to-read guide to looking after yourself - pictures and simple text

Tips for families - Covid19 from the National Autistic Society

Sensory Processing Resource Pack

Youngminds - parents guide to support ADHD

Youngminds - Help looking after yourself - Coronavirus and mental health

Understanding Autism - National Autistic Society


Tips for parents of a child with ADHD

Looking after your family's mental health at home - a help guide from Liverpool CAMHS

Coronavirus - a book for children

Listen to an audio edition of the book by clicking here

Autism at Home




Stories for children with ADHD

Derbyshire CAMHS (Mental Health) Service

Dealing with stress & anger

Sensory Difficulties



Practical tips for families with children with ADHD at home

 Living With Worry





Anonymous online counselling and support for young people



 Sleep Advice

Sensory needs - Heavy work activities



Sleep Guide for children with additional needs - Cerebra

Lemon Lime Adventures - 100 Sensory Activities



How to transition off screen time

Heavy Work and Sensory Processing Issues: What You Need to Know



Explaining Social Distancing

RJS Social Story for returning to school after a Lockdown