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St. John's Ealing

School Safeguarding Statement

Riddings Junior School is a safe place for children, where our responsibilities for safeguarding them are taken extremely seriously. The welfare and safety of children who attend our school is our paramount concern. We will promote the health, well-being and safety of the pupils in all we do. Our children have the right to protection, regardless of age, gender, race, culture or disability.  They have the right to be safe in our school

Through our curriculum we teach the children about personal safety, and how to keep themselves safe from harm. There is a strong anti-bullying ethos throughout the school. We teach our children how to recognise bullying, how to keep themselves safe from bullying behaviour and how to report it. We listen to our children.

The curriculum includes opportunities to discuss feelings and emotions, and helps our children to think about their own personal safety and their rights as individuals to be kept safe from harm.  We teach our children about the uses and misuses of drugs, at an age appropriate time and level.  Our sex and relationships programme teaches our children about keeping themselves safe from harm, at an age appropriate level. We also have clear guidance to help children to use the internet safely. 

Our policies and agreed practises for safeguarding practices and safety, behaviour management, attendance and looked after children all comply with the recommendations for safeguarding children at school. In addition we have policies that outline how we respond to cases of allegations against staff, whistle-blowing and the use of physical intervention.

Our trained Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr. Cates. 

There are two Deputy DSLs Miss Saville (Deputy Headteacher) and Mrs Godfrey (SENCO). 

In addition two members of staff, Mrs Patrick and Mrs Walker (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants) are fully trained in the role of Designated Safeguarding Leads.

There is also a Designated Governor with responsibility for safeguarding practices at the school – Mrs V. Neaves. 


Our staff recruitment policies and practices are rigorous and comply with safe recruitment and selection requirements. We always pursue identity checks and qualification checks and we take up and scrutinise written references before employment. We require evidence of enhanced Disclosure and Barring Search (DBS) clearance before employing any staff, in addition to pursuing List 99 checks.

All supply teachers, agency staff, and outside club and coaching staff are required to provide evidence of enhanced DBS clearance. The governing body is regularly updated about child protection, bullying and safeguarding policies and practices by the Headteacher. It is the responsibility of every adult in this school to ensure that we maintain the highest level of awareness about possible unsafe practices and deal with any issues immediately and appropriately.

The school understands the responsibilities set out under section 175 of the 2002 Education Act to work together in partnership with other agencies to help children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment.

This policy draws on guidance for schools set out in: The Children's Act of 2004; Working Together to Safeguard Children (updated 2017); Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education 2007, Lord Laming report on Safeguarding 2009; advice from Derbyshire LA and DfE advice on internet Safety.

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