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St. John's Ealing


At Riddings Junior School we want to give all of our children the best possible chances in life. We invest time and care in making sure our children follow and make the most of our five school aims.


We want all our our children to make the most of every learning opportunity in school and to use this learning across a range of curriculum areas. We make progress by showing...


Respect is a key value in school. We expect all of our children to respect others, respect themselves and respect and value everything in our school and our community.


We encourage our children to show independence in thought and deed, creating a school environment where they can feel supported, yet encouraged to find out for themselves.


We expect our children to be resilient and to show real determination and drive. This is an important personal attribute that allows them to produce the best possible progress and the ability to move forward to the next level without giving in.


Everybody has the capability to become excellent. In life this can show itself in many forms but at Riddings we expect children to strive to do their absolute best in everything they do.


A PRIDE of Bronze badge achievers enjoying PRIDE time