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St. John's Ealing

Our Curriculum Journey 2019 onwards

Since March 2019, we have been working as a school community to revisit the way in which our school curriculum is put together and what we want the children to learn in their 4 years with us. This is a huge undertaking and we have, and are, putting considerable thought and effort into creating a curriculum that will engage our children even more than previously. It will provide them with the key skills and knowledge in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and oracy that will enable them to continue their learning journey into secondary education and beyond whilst providing them with a deeper knowledge about the wider world in which they live.

A significant aspect of this has been the creation of Knowledge Grids which set out clearly and precisely the key content, knowledge and skills that children will learn within each Unit of Wider Curriculum Learning. Whilst time consuming, this has been an exciting process for all staff involved and has led to some interesting discussions and debates. Pre and post assessments linked to the UoL agreed knowledge means teaching and learning can be better targetted to the needs of individuals. The clear statements allow more effective building on of previous learning and also provide opportunities to foreshadow future learning. 

Covid-19 has obviously impacted our development work, slowing some aspects but enhancing others, and our aims remain the same. Our Remote Education Provision can be found under the Learning at Home tab - Tiered Learning in the event of Covid-19 Absence. All previous Lockdown learning can also be found under this tab.



Our curriculum re-design journey is a long one and we will encounter bumps along the way (Covid being one of the larger bumps!) but the model that we are putting in place, based on wide reading, research, our own knowledge and expertise and the school community's views is proving to be exciting and effective. The children are clear that they are enjoying our new way of learning and have been proud to show off how much more knowledge they have acquired.   INSET time each year is devoted to improving what we teach and how we teach it as we know that we will continue to adjust and enhance our curriculum in future years. 

For further information about the thinking behind our curriculum development and our journey so far, please click here or contact Miss Saville via the school office.

Click here to see this year's LTP (2020-21)

Click here to see the school's 3-Year Plan


We remain committed to the following  ideals that, however designed, our curriculum should entitle ALL children to a broad, balanced and relevant education that enables them to make progress, to develop their skills, knowledge and interests and which prepares them for the next stage of their learning journey.

We aim to :

  • enable all children to make progress and to achieve
  • develop the basic skills that will support them throughout their life 
  • broaden their aspirations, experiences, knowledge, skills and understanding
  • promote British values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs)
  • equip children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make positive choices
  • help them become healthy and active adults

Focussing on our school motto of PRIDE allows us to personalise the national curriculum (click here) so that it meets the needs of all of our children and allows them to:

Progress                 through



Determination           and



Other useful national documents:




Physical Education






Design Technology

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education)

Religious Education