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St. John's Ealing




Year 3

Learning at home for children with Additional Needs

   Eaton, Hilton and Shrewsbury classes 

For some children the work that is provided on the Year Group page may be too challenging to complete without the support they usually receive at school.

We have adapted the learning for maths so that it is more easily accessed.

The reading, writing and wider curriculum learning on the year groups tab should be accessible by all children but if your child is struggling please contact a Year 3 teacher for support.

Regular practice of reading, spelling and basic maths skills is important for your child's progress.

Your child can practice the following daily:   


  • Read your Dandelion or Accelerated reading book or a book of your choice from home. Quiz on it once finished. When it needs changing please contact school.
  • Practice your Word Wallet words if you have them every day.
  • Lexia - 20 minutes every day.
  • Individual work packs (where they have been provided) 
  • Numbots regularly
  • Spellingframe regularly  




The maths work below may help your child if they find the year group work difficult without the support they receive in school. It is linked to work from an earlier year group. Chat to a Year 3 teacher about the most appropriate Year Group work for your child to complete independently.


Year 2 - Multiplication and Division 

Week 3  - Taught Videos 

Lesson 1 worksheet

Lesson 1 answer sheet

Lesson 2 worksheet

Lesson 2 answer sheet

Lesson 3 worksheet 

Lesson 3 answer sheet

Lesson 4 worksheet 

Lesson 4 answer sheet

Lesson 5 - video only.



Week 4  - Taught Videos 

Lesson 1 worksheet

Lesson 1 answer sheet

Lesson 2 worksheet

Lesson 2 answer sheet

Lesson 3 worksheet 

Lesson 3 answer sheet

Lesson 4 worksheet 

Lesson 4 answer sheet

End of Unit 


For English Writing and the Wider curriculum look at the work provided for Year 3 on the Year groups page which should be accessible. Remember to contact school if your child is struggling - we can help.