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St. John's Ealing




 Welcome to Year 3!  



Shrewsbury Class - Miss Jarrett

Eaton Class - Miss Punter

Hilton Class - Miss Jones


Teaching Assistants - Miss Dakin, Miss Vardy, Mrs Pedley, Mrs Beecroft and Miss Robinson









Summer Term!




Wow, Year 3... another term done! One more term to go until you move on to Year 4! We have lots of fun, exciting things upcoming in Summer term: Cadbury World trip, Sports Day, Eyam trip, our whole school trip and much more! We thank you for your hard work and PRIDE shown in the last term and we hope that this term will be the best one yet.







Our new Geography topic this term is all about Coasts. We will be looking at what a coast is, where we can find them in the UK and how different types of coasts are formed. We will also explore how humans can have both a positive and negative impact on coastal areas. Finally, we will finish our coast topic with writing our own version of 'The Sea Monster', a lovely tale about a child who discovers something mysterious on the coast line...










All groups will be exploring Money this term. We will looking at pounds and pence, adding and subtracting money, converting money from one form to another and giving change. You could have a look at a range of coins and notes at home... perhaps you could even practise getting the right coins ready to pay for items in a shop!


See below a list of vocabulary that your child will be exposed to:

pounds (£), pence (p), coins, notes, exchange, convert, change




After Money, Miss Punter and Miss Jarrett's groups will be moving onto Fractions. We will explore how to make equal parts and recognising/findings fractions such as a half, quarter and third. We will look at the difference between unit and non-unit fractions, explore the equivalence of 1/2 and 1/4 and even count in fractions!


See below a list of vocabulary that your child will be exposed to:

equivalent, half (1/2), third (1/3), quarter (1/4), unit fractions, non-unit fractions, numerator, denominator, part, whole


Multiplication and Division




After Money, Miss Jones' group will be moving onto Multiplication and Division. We will look at recognising, making and adding equal groups, creating multiplication sentences using the 'x' symbol, using arrays, sharing, grouping and dividing. Our main focus will be the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Practising these timetables on TT Rockstars at home will be a great way to get ahead of the game!


See below a list of vocabulary that your child will be exposed to:

equal, groups, x, ÷, times, multiply, divide, sharing, grouping, multiple, represent, calculation, array, doubles 




The Iron Man


 One of our new texts this term is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We follow the journey of the Iron Giant who quickly turns from fa feared villian to the the hero of this tale.


Quick, Let's Get Out of Here!




After The Iron Man, we are going to delve into the world of poetry! Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake's 'Quick, Let's Get Out Of Here' is a collection of short poems. We will look as poetry as a genre of writing, exploring the different techniques used by the writer. Then, we will use our inferential reading strategies to unpick the meanings behind the poem to help us understand them. Warning... some of the poems are rather funny!




Inferential Reading Strategies

At Riddings Junior School, to become 'good readers', we use 8 Inferential Reading Strategies (IRS) to explore new texts. Please see below our school's 8 IRS and feel free to use them when listening to your child read at home!



Wider Curriculum:


As we move to two classes, our wider curriculum timetable will change. Below, you can find the updated PE days and kit list for their new outdoor learning session. Both Class 1 and Class 2 will be participating in PE and Outdoor Learning on these days so please ensure they have full, correct kit ready to participate.


Tuesday: PE with Mr Jeffery and Outdoor Learning with Mrs Patrick (children to bring their kit with them)

Thursday: PE with Mr Jeffery (children to come to school in their PE kit)



Please note: Miss Punter's former class (Eaton) will continue drumming instead of PE until the Thursday 23rd June, then they will need to come to school in their PE kit for the following Thursday.




Home Learning:





In Year 3, we have already started to develop our core math skills by using Numbots and TT Rock Stars. Please access these apps daily for short bursts of learning as these skills are fundamental.



Your child should be reading at least 3 times a week at home to support their fluency and comprehension. When they are ready, please encourage your child to quiz on their book in school on Accelerated Reader. We would like them to quiz weekly if possible, however we understand that they may begin to choose increasingly bigger and more complicated books. If this is the case, please let your class teacher know so they are aware of this.



For the final term, we would like to use White Rose Maths worksheets for the children's homework. Due to disruption in learning last year, we feel that Time and Shape are two areas in the curriculum that would have most impacted upon. Therefore, we will be sending the children home with their CGP English and Maths books to complete at their own pace over Summer. The answers for the workouts are in the back of the booklet should you wish to mark these with your child. 


We will now be handing out two White Rose Maths sheets (double sided) for the children to complete, ready to mark on Friday. There will be a video to accompany the homework sheets to support the children. These can be found linked below. 


Due: Friday 24th June

Turns and Angles



 Right Angles




Due: Friday 1st July

Compare Angles



 Draw Accurately



Due: Friday 8th July

Horizontal and Vertical





 Parallel and Perpendicular




Due: Thursday 14th July (due to Whole School Trip on Friday 15th)

Recognising and Describing 2D Shapes



 Recognising and Describing 3D Shapes




Due: Thursday 21st July (Last day of school - not in on Friday!)

Make 3D Shapes










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