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St. John's Ealing

Bullying in School


Our current Anti-Bullying policy can be found in the Policies Section on Key Information

If your child tells you that they are being bullied in school please praise them for telling you and ask if they have told anyone in school.  It is a good idea to ask them why they feel it is bullying - can they tell you that it is targeted at them, a deliberate act and has been repeated.  We talk to the children a great deal about the difference between falling out and people being nasty and bullying. That is not to say that this lessens the impact of whatever has happened to your child but it allows school to understand the nature of the upset more easily.

Please let school know as soon as you can and allow us to deal with the issue rather than allowing the understandable need to 'do something' to take hold.  Trying to tackle the issue yourself outside of school will often result in an escalation of the issue.

A great deal of information on bullying can be found online